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Martin Luther King Day: Should there be another holiday?

I’m of two minds about Martin Luther King Day. One mind says, “He was a great man, he deserves at least this much, and it’s an annual time to remember him.” The other mind replies, “What if America had a holiday that focused on the ideals for which he lived and died rather than on him?”

I (at least three minds now!) think both views are correct. And many King Day celebrations do acknowledge that King was part of a vast movement that began long before his appearance and that continues today. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of work to do, especially with recent weakening of affirmative action, voter-rights, and other civil-rights laws.

What if the USA had one of the following holidays:

  • Citizenship Day
  • Civil Rights Day
  • Freedom Day
  • Democracy Day
  • Equality Day?

Of these, my favorites are Freedom Day and Equality Day. Should they be combined into Freedom and Equality Day? Such a holiday(s) might help ensure national discussion of these ideals and their reality or unreality in America each year.

Should America celebrate one of these holidays? If so, how would you do it?